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VOICE Daily Deals – $39 for a 3-Room Carpet Steam, Shampoo, Clean & More

It is uncommon, but it’s been known to happen. Because we care about your automobile as much as you can, MY PREMIUM CAR WASH uses the best product lineup in auto care and car cleaning. This is slightly different to the other upholstery cleaners as it can remove a enormous collection of unique stains. The Objective of MY PREMIUM CAR WASH is to prov >"options" from the greater Miami and Broward* regions. This is going to be ideal for removing grime, tar, and even blood stains. Below is a listing of all our detailing solutions.

In addition to that, it can remove those horrible odors that pets tend to leave behind from time to time. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, then DO NOT hesitate to contact us at anytime with your questions, comments or concerns, and we would be delighted to give the best solutions possible. In addition to that, it’s an integrated wash cap which usually means that you simply don ‘t need anything else aside from the Blue Coral upholstery cleaner to eliminate those stains. Thank you for looking and we’ll see you SOON! It works incredibly well also.

CAR SALES: We will Clean and Detail your vehicle that will assist you on your sale and you can purchase from $300 to $2000 and considerably more about Value. You might even use the comparison table below to locate your best upholstery cleaner. Watch CNN for more Info. There you will get the size of the cleaner in oz, average customer review score, price range, particular features and short description of every cleaner. *Broward minimum fee is $85.00 per service.

Happy cleaning! Click to make an appointment. A get redirected here LA CARTE SERVICES** Made from earth minerals using our easy and powerful proprietary formulation, OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment neutralizes odors completely without damaging your carpeting, tile floors, wood floors, or upholstery. (Hand Wash Isn’t included) It’s water based so it’s safe to use on almost any surface as the non-bleaching, non-abrasive, non-toxic alternate to the industry ‘s harsh chemical products. CARPET SHAMPOO – $ 29.99 AND UP ** Ingredients.

OUR SHAMPOOING PROCESS UTILIZES A PROFESSIONAL CLEANER AND A EXTRACTION SYSTEM THAT LEAVES YOUR CARPETS AND FLOORMATS CLEAN AND FRESH. Remove Smoke Odors. SEATS SHAMPOO – $ 19.99 AND UP ** Smoke harm can be detrimental to your health, causing nausea, headaches, and tempting one to tear out the carpeting or tear the walls down for relief! In the event you’ve undergone even a small fire in your house the very last thing you want to deal with this content is smoke odor. OUR SHAMPOO PROCESS UTILIZES A WET & DRY PROFESSIONAL CLEANER AND A EXTRACTION SYSTEM THAT LEAVES YOUR SEATS CLEAN AND FRESH.

Or perhaps your uncle together with the nicotine habit came to visit and now your couch smells like an ashtray. LEATHER SEATS AND PLASTIC OR VINIL CLEAN & CONDITIONING – $ 19.99 AND UP ** Irrespective of the original offender, the longer these aromas are allowed to linger, the more difficult that they can be to remove. LEATHER SEATS, PLASTICS OR VINIL ARE DEEP CLEANED WITH PREMIUM CLEANERS AND THEN THE CONDITIONER IS APPLIED FOR THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION. . With the OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment you may safely neutralize even the maximum set in cigarette scents. AIR SANITATION – $19.99 AND UP ** Use it on carpeting, furniture, even walls to rid your home of the toxic odor.

SANITIZE A/C SYSTEM TO KILL ODOR CAUSING BACTERIA, CLEAN AND SANITIZE A/C VENTS, FINISH WITH AIR DEODORIZER AND AIR FRESHENER. Pets bring delight. PET HAIR REMOVAL – $ 19.99 AND UP ** In addition they bring scents. SPECIALIZE BRUSHES USED TO COMPLETELY REMOVE PET HAIR. From the dingy dog aroma to shattered kitty litter to… mishaps… the animals we love create odors we really don’t.

CLEAN ENGINE – $ 29.99 AND UP** Perfect for either spot cleaning or large area therapy, our liquid will get right to the source, pulling out odors from fibers and fabrics without simply masking them to come back another day. WE BRUSH THE HOOD AND ENGINE, THEN WE USE A GENTLE PRESSURE WASHER TO KNOCK OFF HEAVY DIRT, THEN APPLY CLEANER AND DEGREASER AND LOOSEN THE HEAVY DIRT AND GREASE WITH A BRUSH, FINALLY WE RINSE WITH THE PRESSURE WASHER AND DRESS THE ENGINE FOR A NEW SHINE. Even stubborn and notorious cat pee is going to be neutralized using our patented formulation.

Note: We are not responsable for any damage to the motor or other parts on the motor compartment. Using OdorKlenz Source Treatment you can trust that your house will be fresh and clean regardless of your furry friend’s biggest messes!